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Decentralized social networking protocols let users escape the walled gardens and algorithms of traditional social media.

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Our Team

We’re just a couple of true believers who saw a need for fediverse infrastructure after learning the hard way how difficult fediverse services can be to setup.

Fedihost Team

Our team consists of Paige Saunders and Victor Dyotte with the help of a couple of friends and contractors. We're headquartered in Montreal, a prominent location on the fediverse map.

Our Customers

Check out Canadian Civil: A content creator community using fedihost to run a peertube and mastodon instance.

These Canadian reformers teamed up to get themselves a presence in the Fediverse. Our dedicated Peertube encoders made short work of a combined back catalog of over 1000 videos.

Visit Canadian Civil

Our Service

Backed Up & Portable

We keep backups and we let you take them with you.

Smart Management

We're raising the bar to make the Fediverse easier. One interface to manage all your instances.

Help & Support

Whenever an issue arises, we write a help article to help future Fediverse users solve their problems.


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